Strangers and Pilgrims


I have listed many Christians who believed and taught the true Kingdom of God and/or the Firstfruits Rapture.  Their testimony and writings are well worth finding and studying.

Johann H. Alsted Mary Ardine Joshua William Brooks
William Burgh Thomas Burnett Thomas Mitchell Chalmers
Robert Cleaver Chapman William Powell Clark Stephen Speers Craig
Elijah Richardson Craven Charles Daubuz Robert Fleming Jr.
John Fletcher Henry William Fry  H. S. Gallimore
Charles G. A. Gibson-Smith Siegfried Abraham Goebel Philip Henry Gosse
 Robert Govett James Robinson Graves Anthony Norris Groves
Isaac Massey Haldeman Samuel Fennell Hurnard Robert Thomas Ketcham
George Henry Lang Martha Lever William Nathaniel Tilson Marsh
Philip Mauro Joseph Mede Frank Victor Mildred
 Henry More Watchman Nee Robert Edward Neighbour
Thomas Newton David Morrieson Panton Alexander Patterson
George Hawking Pember Jesse Penn-Lewis George N. H. Peters
John Piscator  Polycarp Theodosia A. Powerscourt
 Lt. Col. George Frederick Poynder Daniel Paul Rader William Frederick Roadhouse
Jesse Sayer Dr. Alfred Taylor Schofield Joseph Augustus Seiss  
A. B. Simpson Lt. Col. Joseph Sladen Oswald Jeffrey Smith
J. Hudson Taylor   Isaac Taylor  Tertullian
William Henry Griffith Thomas Albert George Tilney William Twiss
James Usher Charles Spelman Utting Johannes Van Oosterzee
J. W. (Bro. Chip) White, Jr. A. Edwin Wilson  

These great Christians believed in and wrote about the coming Kingdom of God.  There are agreat many more that believed as they do and did.  In the links are works or writings that are undeniably valuable resources to anyone with a Berean heart.  If you would take time to search out and investigate these Godly works it will not be wasted time but an enriching of your life as you would draw closer to God, be more pleasing to Him and honour His Word.  It would ultimately lead to a greater understanding of how God's plan is laid out in His Holy Bible and what your eternal position could be in a life devoted to Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father who desire to have an everlasting relationship with all of us.