The Kingdom Lectures

George Peter's Kingdom Lectures

In 1902, George N. H. Peters, an aging Lutheran minister in Springfield, Ohio, wrote down on paper the outline for his lectures that were the basis of his monumental work "The Theocratic Kingdom."

For years he had presented these lectures in a weekly class of over one hundred pastors and Christian workers who were interested in premillennialism.

Now, for the first time these lectures are made available in print. Written by George Peters and faithfully reproduced here as a witness of this man's thoughts and ideas as he sought to honor and glorify our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and His future kingdom that he hoped to be a part of in the future.

These lectures were written in 1902, near the close of his life, when his health was failing and he was house-bound with illness.  He wrote over 10,000 pages during his closing years as a witness and testimony, to declare what he believed and to strengthen his faith in the Lord.

This is the first of those writings I hope the Lord will allow me to put into print of this man's knowledge and faith in God.

The book is 592 pages!

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