George Nathanial Henry Peters

Lutheran Minister (1825-1909)

George N. H. Peters

"In this period of prosperity, of sanguine hope of continued and ever-increasing peace and happiness, the minds and hearts of the multitude will be closed against all appeal, all instruction. It is only when the dreadful storm of persecution and death, alluded to in several propositions, shall, when excited and marshalled by the elements and forces now at work, burst with fearful violence upon the Church, and beat with pitiless vehemence upon the heads of true, unflinching believers in Christ, that this work, will find a cordial response, a hearty welcome in the breasts of the faithful. Time with its startling and terrible events will justify this publication. "
(George N. H. Peters, The Theocratic Kingdom, Intro., p. 24)


He titled himself an "Evangelical Lutheran Minister."  George W. Dollar, in his work A History of Fundamentalism, declared him as a First Generation Fundamentalist in America.  He was not well accepted among his own brethren (the Lutherans at that time were staunch post-millennialists, when Mr. Peters was pre-millennial).  Yet, he preached alongside many great preachers inside Fundamental and Baptist circles during the Prophecy Conference movement.

Mr. Peters was unswervingly dedicated to the Millennial Kingdom, from where Jesus Christ will one day set up His throne and reign over mankind, the world, and the whole of creation, from His capitol city, Jerusalem.  Every page of his work attests to it.  Each page of his unpublished works witnesses to this.  As he says in his writings, the Theocratic Kingdom is the ultimate goal and leading thought of God and His Scriptures, and every Christian should have his heart and mind dedicated to living such a life as to be worthy of inheriting this Kingdom and enjoying the 1,000 year rest God promises to all those who are faithful to His calling.